‘That poor girl, I hope she repents’ said one Christian fundamentalist with a Twitter account

The world is approaching a reckoning and Beezelbub (otherwise known as Addison Rae) has officially been summoned, dressed in a bikini with the words “Father”, “Son”, and “Holy Spirit” emblazoned on its bra and panties. Though it has since been deleted, Lucifer uploaded a photo of herself wearing the Praying swimsuit over the weekend, and Christian fundamentalists with Twitter bios like “Blue Lives Matter. I love and follow Jesus and he is coming soon for his bride,” are seeing the flickers of a hellfire reflected in each other’s eyeballs. 

“All I’m going to say is – these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch,” @xaviaerad wrote, while @tallgirlgen commented “Best believe sis knew we would come for her…. You don’t play with God, period!” Others have presumably felt sympathy for the TikToker, who has clearly sold her soul to the illuminati in exchange for a makeup line, or something like that. “That poor girl, I hope she repents,” @spartangirl1986 Tweeted. The Praying bikini has been around for a while, of course, strapped across the bodies of pop stars and NYC fashionistas, but there was something about Rae – the all-American girl next door – wearing the piece that has fanned the flames of right-wing conservativism. 

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As Sister Wives pile onto the brand’s Instagram, calling for eternal damnation and divine interference, it’s worth noting that a similar ire is almost never directed towards the countless human rights grievances that continue to blight the USA. It’s long been prophesised that the devil will not arrive all red-faced and horned – but that he comes disguised as everything you’ve ever wanted – I personally think it’s a good thing that he shops on SSENSE and dances to the “Pocket Rocket” sound on a teen app. Making a mockery of any religion is obviously slippery ground but given that we are now living through a climate couscous, war, and a roll-back of civil-liberties, there might just be bigger things to cancel the devil over? Addison Rae is merely spreading the word, folks!