From Balenciaga, to Versace, to Ludovic de Saint Sernin, these are the best collections to come out of Pride month

How do you do fellow queers? Gagging for all those Pride playlists? Have you done already done had your LGBLT meal deal? Did you #tastetherainbow? Are you Boots advantage carding the house down, mama?

It’s a bit of a battle to stave off the cynicism during Pride month when even Pret is rebranding itself as Pride a Manger. But, then again, that’s just what happens when you let Queer Eye run for five seasons. Contrary to contemporary wisdom, representation does not actually need to happen at every level, especially when some Pride collections are, quite frankly, a hate crime. 

However, not all Pride campaigns are built equal. Longtime gay icon and Stonewall ambassador Donatella Versace, for example, is more than welcome to “kiki”, and she can do so in a co-branded Lady Gaga and Versace beret, too. With that in mind, here’s a roundup – whether you are a member of the Let’s Get This Bread community or not – of the best Pride capsules dropping this month.