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A Moment of Appreciation for Chloe Bailey’s Instagram

It’s no secret that Chloe x Halle are one of pop music’s most stylish acts. For every performance, sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey come armed with a bold fashion moment, from custom Zana Bayne cage dresses to fresh-off-the-runway Balmain designs. On and off the stage, the siblings’ personal styles complement each other—but it’s not to say they’re the same. “Our style has always been different from each other because we both have really different body types,” Halle told Vogue last year. “I feel like my sister is really expressive when it comes to her style.”

Chloe, the saucier sister of the two, has emerged as the fashion risk-taker, and her Instagram certainly displays this love of dressing up. Her most recent Instagram posts (since the beginning of 2021) put all other #ootds to shame. 

Take her very first post of the year: she’s sporting a printed mesh dress, a trend that’s all the rage right now. A few days later, she showcased a blue dress complete with daring cutouts all over the sides. “Hi my name is Chloe, nice to meet you,” she captioned it. When she embraces a big designer name, as she did with a checkered Burberry dress designed by Riccardo Tisci and a turquoise Versace dress embellished with sequined starfishes, it still feels unique to her vibrant, colorful sensibility. Hell, she even works out in style, too, cycling in ripped jeans and dangly crystal earrings (okay, fine, that was probably just for the ’gram)!

Chloe’s dedication to her solo fit pics is clearly working for her! The ensembles are the perfect thing to pin to your mood board for the spring—you know, once the snow melts away and we feel like getting dressed up again.