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7 Names to Watch Out For in 2022, As Picked By Our Staff

There have been plenty of talented Latines who have emerged in the film and music industries this year. In fact, the seven “names to watch” listed below had such a great 2021, riding that wave of momentum from this year into 2022 should be something they’re all focused on.

From a Puerto Rican actress who took on an iconic role during the revisioning of a classic film to a Chilean-American music artist who released her first solo album, the abilities these stars displayed over the last 12 months prove their potential is limitless.

Moving into 2022, these names will definitely have more creativity to share with the industries they’ve embraced and with the entire world. No one knows how this upcoming year will ultimately turn out, but if it’s even a fraction of the success the following performers found this year, there will be no turning back for them.


Ariana DeBose

This year, Puerto Rican stage actress Ariana DeBose found herself on the movie set of Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story. In the film, DeBose stars as Anita, a Puerto Rican immigrant who gets caught up in a heated rivalry between two street gangs in 1950s Manhattan. The original film role won Rita Moreno an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, making her the first Latina ever to win the prestigious award. “Ariana is a standout actress who absolutely stole the show in Spielberg’s West Side Story,” said Lyra Hale, Trending News Editor. “She managed to make me laugh, go ‘Hell yeah, you tell him!” and break out in tears. Managing all three speaks of an immeasurable talent born out of honing her craft and a dedication to representing our communities in an honest, open, and vulnerable way.” 

Although not officially on the schedule for 2022 yet, DeBose has finished shooting the sci-fi thriller I.S.S. alongside actor Chris Messina. She is also currently in production with the spy thriller Argylle starring Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, and Bryce Dallas Howard.


Princesa Alba

Trinidad Valentina Riveros Inostroza, best known by her stage name Princesa Alba, is an up-and-coming Chilean trap artist who released her first album, besitos, cuídate, this year. The album, “born after a breakup,” includes a track with Brazilian singer Duda Beat, an artist Alba considers “a sister in another country … with another language.”

Music Editor Alexis Hodoyan was impressed with her debut record. “She’s doing pop proper at a time when everyone in pop is going the reggaeton route,” Hodoyan said. “But when she incorporates trap or even reggaeton into her music, it doesn’t feel like a gimmick, but mirrors the genderless music gen Z gravitate towards.” In 2022, look out for Alba to be “working on more videos from besitos, cuídate” and “working on [her] live show.”


Weste Musica

This year, the electronic folk duo Weste released the singles “Espiral,” “Ciempies,” and “La Llave del Juego.” Weste includes Argentine musician Clara Trucco from the band and Uruguayan musician Ignacio Pérez from the band Mushi Mushi Orquesta. “Weste is a cool west-east fusion, who features interesting stage performances,” said Alexia Muller, Head of Audience. In 2022, look for the pair to continue making eclectic music together.




Mexican-American singer DannyLux, who broke out last year with rock band-inspired corridos, is TikTok famous and getting more recognition as his career expands. He released his debut album Falsos Sentimientos in early 2021. He also hit No. 1 on Latin Songwriters Chart with his collaboration on “Jugaste y Sufri” with Eslabon Armado. He incorporates the sounds of bands like The Beatles and The Eagles to make his Latin music sound distinct. “He’s not your average corrido artist,” said Joel Moya, Remezcla’s Director of Artists & Label Relations. “With stardom knocking on his doorstep, he has kept the next-door neighbor that we all can relate to and allowed his nostalgic lyrics to do the rest.” In 2022, DannyLux simply plans to keep making waves in the industry.


Oscar Isaac

In this handout photo provided by A.M.P.A.S. Oscar Isaac looks on backstage during the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California. Photo by Richard Harbaugh – Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

Cuban-Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac isn’t new to the scene, but like most years, he made a significant impact on the entertainment world in 2021 with his role in the remake of the sci-fi epic Dune. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Dune featured Isaac as Leto Atreides, the Duke of the House Atreides, known for his compassion. Isaac also starred this year in The Card Counter as a gambler who taught himself how to count cards while serving eight years in a military prison and the HBO Max drama miniseries Scenes from a Marriage

“Oscar always understands the assignments no matter the role he’s in,” said Milnalis Diese, Remezcla’s Social Media Manager. “I’m excited to see him outdo this year, and I believe that he will blow our minds in 2022.” Next year will be massive for Isaac. He’s starring as the title Marvel Comics character in the Disney+ series Moon Knight. He’ll also be seen in the dark comedy Big Gold Brick opposite Andy Garcia and Megan Fox. Additionally, he will lend his voice to a character in “Part One” of the highly-anticipated animated sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Now, that’s booked and busy.


Paloma Mami

Chilean-American singer and songwriter Paloma Mami released her full-length debut album Sueños de Dalí in early 2021. “In an industry that tends to box women in, Paloma Mami, at a young age, has found the confidence needed to come out on top,” said Thatiana Diaz, Remezcla’s Editor-in-Chief. “She dropped Sueños de Dalí in 2021 … while also honoring women like Ivy Queen, a music legend that has long opposed machismo ethos in her attitude and lyrics. Paloma’s choices have not gone unnoticed. In her debut album year, she received a Latin Grammy nomination — there’s no telling what she’ll accomplish in the next year — but I’m betting on it being even more exciting.” Currently, Paloma Mami has concert dates on the calendar for Santiago, Chile, and Porto, Portugal.


Eladio Carrión

Singer and songwriter Eladio Carrión released his second album Monarca early in 2021 and followed it up with his SEN2 KBRN VOL 1 mixtape. Monarca earned him a Latin Grammy nomination. In December, he also released his newest album, Sauce Boyz 2. “There’s no listening to Eladio Carrión and not recognizing his talent from the captivating baritone flow with a seamless ability of dropping,” said Thatiana Diaz, Remezcla’s Editor-in-Chief. “You don’t want the song to end. His fanbase soared in 2021, and it will only skyrocket in the years to come.”