Louis VI, Auroboros, and Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, sustainable design lead at Nike, talk fashion’s future, ‘designing out’ waste, and green activism

The climate crisis is a topic as complicated as it is urgent. Most of us feel overwhelmed by the weight of some of its questions – or embarrassed to ask them at all. 

That’s why Dazed partnered with Nike on “Ask an Earth Brain” – a safe discussion space in which questions are posed to a selection of self-professed environment enthusiasts on climate activism, fashion’s steps to sustainability, and everything in between. No matter how big or small.

As part of its strive for innovation and creative solutions in the sustainability space, Nike is investing alongside its science-based targets, from diverting 100 percent of waste from landfill and the implementing of its circularity model to all Nike facilities running on renewables.

Ask An Earth Brain saw questions fielded via the Dazed Instagram channels for three names from across the planet making conscious strides towards saving it. First up…

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In his own words, Louis VI is a “musician, filmmaker, environmental activist, and most of all – a nature geek.” In ours, Louis is one of the UK’s brightest emerging young voices in the climate discussion space, particularly when it comes to representation. Below, he takes on questions from the Dazed community, tackling everything from how to get involved in climate activism, to the BIPOC nature groups he recommends.

Watch this space for more Earth Brain knowledge.