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17 Zodiac Gifts for the Friend Who’s Straight-Up *Obsessed* With Astrology

zodiac gifts


Finding the perfect gift for a cancer or a taurus or a gemini can be incredibly difficult. Why? Because each zodiac sign comes with their own specific temperaments, desires, and passions. But there’s one gift idea that’ll get any sign super pumped up and that’s a personalized gift inspired by their star chart.

You can find any and every type of gift–for beauty-lovers, athletes, gamers, fashionistas, and more–emblazoned with the symbols of the stars. If you know where to look, that is. And thankfully, I do! After months of building holiday gift guides (not kidding), I’ve got the very best intel on where to find zodiac gifts. You are now invited to shop the coolest, most giftable presents inspired by each astrological sign.

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Zodiac Bath Bomb Gift Set



In the year 2020, every sign could use a little bit of self-care.

Zodiac Hair Pin


This is the quickest way to dress up your three-day-old bun for a zoom call – just FYI. 

Taurus Zodiac Sign Art Print



I’m not even a taurus and I can still personally relate to this poster. 

Cotton Zodiac Boyfriend Sweatshirt

Good American


Let’s be honest, you’re not wearing real clothes again any time in the foreseeable future.

Astor Eternal Rose Gift Box

Eternal Roses


This little beauty will sparkle for up to three years – much better than a $$$ bouquet that dies in a week.

Zodiac Throw Pillow

Urban Outfitters


Ohhh, your favorite taurus is gonna love this. 

Cancer Zodiac Signet Ring



I’m a cancer! Just in case anyone was wondering! (Hint, hint.)

Zodiac Candle

Wild Rose Shop


Ok, these candles are vibey af.

Wooden Zodiac Constellation Jewelry Dish



Yes, you absolutely do need a constellation tray to hold your constellation jewelry.

Zodiac Race Classic Game


When it’s around your neck, it’s a scarf. When it’s laid out flat, it’s a really fun board game. Either way, it’s only $25.

Horoscope Pendant Necklace



A pretty unisex pendant is a fail-safe gift for any sign. 

Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics


Taking inspiration from a star chart, this lustrous palette comes with mattes and pearlescent pigments – so, everything you need for a customized look.

Constellation Bracelet

Sterling Forever


This cubic zirconia sagittarius constellation twinkles like the real thing. 

Zodiac Mini Stone Pack

Shoppe Geo Anthropologie


Give that good healing energy for only $12.

Zodiac Constellation Stud Earrings w/ Cubic Zirconia



This set of studs comes with an earring for your first, second, and third piercings.  

Zodiac Wall Hanging



If you’re not looking to have ~*sagittarius*~ splashed across your wall, this minimalist decor is much more low-key. 

Birthdate Candles

Birthdate Co.


365 unique candles for 365 birthdays. This is the ultimate personalized gift

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