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12 New Songs to Listen to This Week From RaiNao to AQUIHAYAQUIHAY

This is our weekly compilation of newly released bite-sized song reviews from our talented music writers. Discover new favorites, read nuanced criticism of the week’s hottest releases, and much more. Who knows, you might walk out of this with a new fave or two. Some of the featured artists include RaiNao, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, and DannyLuxFollow our playlist featuring these tracks and more on Spotify or Apple Music.

RaiNao – “Limbo”

Just a month shy since getting the ultimate public cosign from the biggest act in the world, RaiNao’s course towards pop stardom continues apace. “Limbo” is her first new single since Bad Bunny declared her his “favorite artist of the summer,” and the growth she showed in her Ahora A.K.A. Nao EP is still in full bloom. RaiNao’s strength lies in conjuring alt-perreo songs that also feel like dreams, and it’s a talent she has maximized and channels into everything from her wardrobe to music videos. “Limbo” stands as another track where, over a mesmerizing electronic/bomba fusion beat, she wrestles with the push/pull of love and lust in the visionary way she knows best. — Juan J. Arroyo


AQUIHAYAQUIHAY is officially back! Their fresh and mellow pop single “BDay” is their newest release, giving us a taste of their forthcoming sophomore album. The song starts off with sultry vocals that draw in the listener from the beginning. It samples 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” renovating the classic hit with their smooth, feel-good Spanglish touch that makes it their own. The melody carries a groovy synth that transports you to the anti-boy band’s universe. It goes without saying that we’re ready for what’s to come from the M-pop quintet. – Jeanette Hernandez

DannyLux – “No Te Quiero Perder”

On his last release, “Un Momento,” Mexican-American singer DannyLux turned heads and indulged in the sounds of effervescent, funk-heavy R&B, a notable first for the self-taught musician and rising star. But on “No Te Quiero Perder,” he draws on his sierreño and classic rock influences once more by penning heavy-hearted verses to rich, requinto-led arrangements and a warm, trebly guitar solo. The musician is currently wrapping up a run of Texas dates on Chicano balladeer Cuco’s Fantasy Gateway Tour, and unveils his much-awaited Limerencia EP on Sep. 2. – Nayeli Portillo

Tangowhiskyman – “No Regret” 

Dominican psych rockers Tangowhiskyman have unveiled a brand new single titled “No Regret,” the latest teaser from their forthcoming LP and a swirling melange of hard-grooving bass lines and otherworldly synths. A throbbing good time, singer Frank Antun balances paranoid delusions with an impressive commitment to the madness as the song crescendos into crashing jazz drums and whirring electronic melodies. – Richard Villegas

Vivi Rincon – “can’t breathe”

Hailing from Houston, Mexican-Venezuelan newcomer Vivi Rincon follows up her TikTok hit “if we lived on the moon” with her new single, “can’t breathe.” It’s an alt-country-informed pop rock jam that dives into the complexities of passionate relationships in under three minutes. Backed by classic rock instrumentation and delivering a beautiful vocal performance, Rincon surrenders to love, with all its rewards and insecurities, giving everything she has to hold on to her special one. – Cheky

ÀIYÉ feat. BB9NDBK – “Fou de toi (Chapada de Você)”

“Fou de toi (Chapada de você)” is a French-Brazilian collab that brings together up-and-coming artists from both sides of the Atlantic. Juxtaposing R&B electronic textures, upbeat melodies, and a wide range of drums, the Brazilian singer ÀIYÉ and the French duo BB9NDBK pull out joyful vocal harmonies and end up with a fun and contemporary pop music palette. — Felipe Maia

Enyel C x MJ Nebreda – “Nuestra Canción”

What’s old is new again, and while Benito’s throwback music video for “Neverita” beat it by a week, “Nuestra Canción” carves out its own joyful take on rolling back the clock to when life was simpler. Lo-fi savant Enyel C teams up with Miami-based Venezuelan artist MJ Nebreda for a breezy homage to ‘90s ragga, dancehall, and underground. The song benefits from the charisma of its vocalists, both of whom commit to the contagious merry energy of the music. As Enyel begins the rollout for his upcoming full-length LP,  he once again demonstrates he has the talent to dabble beyond his chill-hop roots. — Juan J. Arroyo

J.Patron – “Ella le gusta”

Dembow is the genre to make this summer — and the Colombian artist J.Patron is on point with his newest track. Co-produced by Ztein Mcfly, “Ella le gusta” is his latest 130 BPM release that embodies dembow’s signature fast-paced essence. The party track then converts to a synth-heavy EDM-certified banger, which further demonstrates the DJ’s production knack for making people dance.  – Jeanette Hernandez


Santo Domingo native Albreydy Alberto Holguin Roque (aka Inka) pays homage to Black roots and the “ritmo caribeño que viene en tus genes’’ on “PARTY DE PALO,” the lead single from his upcoming album Villa Mella. The wordsmith has become known for his thorough socio-political freestyle and musical dexterity, and “PARTY” is no exception. Here, the rapper calls out the rapid globalization of genres founded by Afro-Indigenous communities across the Dominican Republic over energizing percussion and towering group vocals. – Nayeli Portillo

Le Montro – “Sin Arrepentimiento”

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Radi Ramón Pina, also known as Le Montro, has grown into an enigmatic figure of the Dominican underground with a dizzying mix of influences ranging from prog-rock to gritty garage. His latest release comes with “Sin Arrepentimeinto,” a prismatic, retro ‘80s wormhole loaded with neons, saturated synth cheese, and hooky vocal melodies reminiscent of Gustavo Cerati. It’s great fun, fresh enough to expand on Le Montro’s chameleonic mythos, and familiar enough to tug at our heartstrings. – Richard Villegas

Linxes – “Inevitable”

Danny Brichetti and Lucas Stefenón, the Argentinian duo known as Linxes, got to work during their current Mexican tour and wrote “Inevitable,” their first piece of music since last year. The self-produced electronic pop single is a catchy track that finds them pulling through their path even if they encounter the frustration of hitting the same wall over and over again. It’s a song of contrasts; it balances sweetness and darkness until it reaches its euphoric chorus that falls on us like a pop spell. – Cheky

Juniper – “Em Paz feat. Sango”

Born in Bahia, Brazil, Juniper has been playing around with music since an early age. It was only in 2022, though, when she decided to present her melodious singing to a large audience. Her first album, 97, was born after several email exchanges and a couple of studio sessions that came after a serendipitous encounter with Seattle-based Brazilian music aficionado Sango. The collab resulted in lo-slung jams like “Em Paz.” The song draws inspiration from Brazil’s percussion plethora and afrobeat vibes along with dreamy chords, a tight and groovy path for Juniper’s deep, yet mellow vocals. — Felipe Maia